States around the world gained autonomy during the 1950s following the Second World War in what was called the decolonization movement. In 1956, what country nationalized the Suez Canal, which was previously co-owned and controlled by the French and British since its construction in the mid-1800s?

Answer Egypt

British and French troops were sent to the area to protect the canal, but Eisenhower condemned the action and pushed for the European powers to accept a ceasefire. This is a very significant time because most of the European colonies around the world were decolonizing and the US wanted to disassociate itself from European colonization. The US acting in favor of Egypt's Nasser over its Allies was a bold move concerning political relationships. There was an attempt by the Eisenhower administration to compete for alliances and loyalty of decolonized areas throughout the world as the US feared the spread of communism to these fragile areas. The US decision to side with Egypt was a strategic move to make the US look a certain way to the rest of the world at this time.

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