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You were the kid who always wanted to know why, and are now the grown up who gets asked more questions than Google itself. You have nicknames like The Oracle, Brainiac, and Walking Library, and you seem to hear the words, “How do you even know that?” more than once a day. Yes, you’re the master of General Knowledge quizzes—a veritable trivia champ.

In an act of supremely satisfying serendipity, we’ve found each other. The QuizGriz team loves to create the best quizzes, and you love to provide the answers for them. We are indeed a match made in online quiz heaven. 

(And don’t worry if you’ve not yet tapped into your personal fountain of trivia knowledge—everyone has to start their journey with general trivia quizzes somewhere and QuizGriz is, indeed, the best place to do so.)

Where is the oldest this and the tallest that? Who sang this song and who wrote that novel, and what period did that poem actually come from? Who started that war and why do birds fly south and why do we observe that holiday? By entering the world of QuizGriz quiz questions, you will quickly be able to see how much you have really been paying attention to this awe-inspiring universe we’re all part of. 

A host of quiz games general knowledge questions are waiting to be answered by you. Take an online quiz now.

(Warning—you may become addicted to answering our quiz questions. We’re hoping you do.)

By enlisting experts in a range of fields, we are able to offer you the best general knowledge quizzes out there. The result is that we cultivate an environment that ensures that general trivia quizzes are a productive, rather than destructive, use of your time. 

Question: Are you ready to get going?
Answer: Of course you are! 

(Yes, that IS the right answer. Great job.)

Test Your General Knowledge With Fun

Unfortunately for those of us who live for high-caliber trivia games, the concept of fun online quizzes has become somewhat tainted. We know, your social media feed is littered with calls for you to take every kind of quick test imaginable, calling you away from meaningful mental engagement. In fact, the situation has reached such dire straits that we’re even considering incorporating the following as one of our general knowledge quiz questions:

When did human beings discover the click-bait potential of the online quiz? 

Alright, even we’re not sure if we even know the exact date, but what we do know is that the Rise of the Superficial Quiz has exploded onto the digital landscape with a somewhat singular mandate: to get people to waste their time.

Seeing this, we realized that we had to step in somewhere before the good name of the General Knowledge Quiz was lost forever. We understand the importance of keeping your mind active and healthy through genuine cerebral engagement that promotes agility and memory retention. As a result, we’ve created a library of the best quizzes worth their weight in intellect. 

Quite simply, with each quiz with answers that we offer, we are doing what we can to help get (and keep) your brain in shape. Think of your engagement with us as a brain gym—and believe us, our fun online general knowledge quizzes are so enjoyable that this is a regimen you’ll want to stick with. 

Not only do our quiz questions and answers give you the opportunity to show off what you already know, but they also allow you to identify where the gaps in your knowledge lie. If you’re really dedicated to the task of increasing the scope of the information in your brain, the first step is to figure out where you have room for growth—and then, of course, do everything you can to go on growing.

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Ready to get started with one of our mind-boggling general knowledge quizzes? Here’s how they work.

Each quiz you take is part of a larger “Quiz Pack” that covers a broad spectrum of information on a topic you’re interested in. Most Quiz Packs contain up to 5 subject-based quizzes and a final review quiz to see how much you’ve learned. Many of our featured topics are split into multiple parts, each becoming just a little more challenging as you progress.
By completing every quiz in a “quiz pack” and earning a 70% or more on the final review, you’ll become a Master of that topic. The more quizzes you take, the more topics you’ll master and the more bragging rights you’ll earn.

Are you ready to get started with our fun online general knowledge quizzes? Well, we can already tell that your powers of discernment are superior because you came to the right place. We have compiled the best general knowledge quizzes to challenge and build your current knowledge.

We live in a world where fact checking is more than a little optional and Fake News is a term that is, well, general knowledge. How do we fight back against this scourge of disinformation so that we can continue to live in a world where knowledge matters? 

Our way of helping the cause is to do what we can to ensure that the public have access to reputable quiz questions and answers that have been verified by subject experts. Providing this service is something that QuizGriz sees as a duty, and we will continue to do it with diligence and pride.

And of course, we want to ensure that our fun online general knowledge quizzes are enjoyed by all. Who would have thought building your knowledge base could be this entertaining? 

Why not start by giving one of our general trivia quizzes a whirl? And then do another. And another. And then…

Find the closest pub quiz and go and show off your notable expertise. Soon you’ll have everyone wanting to join your team. 

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