17+ X-Rays Of Pregnant Animal Bellies. Do You Find Them Cool or Creepy?

You have probably seen your fair share of pictures of human babies still in the womb, but have you ever seen an animal X-ray? They are incredible!

Did you know that elephants gestate for up to 23 months and produce the biggest newborns? On the other hand, opossums have it the easiest – their pregnancies only last 14 days! Guinea pigs have one of the shortest biological clocks in the animal kingdom and can get pregnant at just 4 weeks old!

Okay enough with the facts, check out these pregnant animal bellies. Do you find them really cool or just straight creepy?

1. X-Ray Of A Pregnant Turtle

2. X-Ray Of A Tree Skink

3. X-Ray Of A Pregnant Snake

4. X-Ray Of A Pregnant Raccoon

5. X-Ray Of A Pregnant Dog – How Many Pups Can You Spot?

6. Looks Like Five Puppies Have Been Spotted In This X-Ray!

7. Looks Like Only Four Puppies Spotted Here!

8. Here’s What Six Puppies Looks Like!

Did you know that the largest litter of puppies is 24, all of whom were born to Tia – a Neopolitan mastiff. The Puppies were born on November 29, 2004 by Caesarian section.

9. X-Ray Of A Pregnant Guinea Pig

10. Looks Like Four Guinea Pigs Have Been Spotted!

11. X-Ray Of A Pregnant Bearded Dragon

12. X-Ray Of A Pregnant Bearded Dragon

13. X-Ray Of A Pregnant Kiwi Bird

14. Here’s A Close Up of The Pregnant Kiwi

The kiwi egg is six times as big as a normal egg for a bird its size.

15. X-Ray Of A Pregnant Monkey

16. X-Ray Of A Pregnant Horse

17. X-Ray Of A Pregnant Asian Elephant

18. X-Ray Of A Pregnant Deer

19. X-Ray Of A Chinese Water Dragon

20. X-Ray Of A Shark!

21. X-Ray Of A Chinchilla

22. X-Ray Of A Chameleon

23. X-Ray Of A Bat

24. X-Ray Of A Cat!

25. …And Another Cat

26. X-Ray Of A Bat

27. X-Ray Of An Amazon Parrot

28. X-Ray Of An Alaskan Malamute Dog

29. X-Ray Of A Havanese Dog

 These Aren’t X-Rays, But You Can’t Deny Pregnant Animals Are Super Cute!

 Pregnant Sphynx Cat

 Pregnant Zebra

Pregnant Giraffe

Can You Tell This Beluga is Pregnant?

Who Doesn’t Love A Pregnant Pig?

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