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TV Through the Decades: How Well Do You Know These TV Trivia Questions?

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Do you take the good and take the bad, or do you take them both? What do you wind up with if you do? The facts of this quiz are that television has evolved from black and white variety specials all the way to shows set in "reality". Each week, viewers decide which shows stick around and which need to disappear and never return by watching, Tweeting and recording. The history of this platform is vast, and having a basic of knowledge of it makes you a pro.
There have been thousands if not hundreds of thousands of television shows produced throughout the years. With so many possibilities for trivia questions, it's no wonder you may either be chomping at the bit to get started with this quiz or perhaps you're having second thoughts. Don't be afraid to click away and have a little fun revisiting some of your favorites from years gone by, the likes of which Hawkeye and Magnum may have never seen. Who would have guessed that a show with openly gay characters would hold down the top rating spot for almost a decade?
Gone are the days of strict censorship and black and white "from the waist up" rules. Now, actors and actresses flock to take roles on the small screen as they are understanding the impact and career maker the medium affords. Now that paid streaming services are getting in on the act, big-time stars have decided that flickering into your living room every week definitely has its perks.
If you are a fan of all things TV-related, this TV trivia quiz will definitely test your strengths. Have fun and maybe get that nostalgic feeling for the days when live TV was the only option and VCR tapes might get stuck in the middle of a season finale. Repeats were the only way to catch up on episodes you missed, and summertime was the closest thing to binge-watching you ever did before now.

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