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South America Map Quiz – Be a Whiz with this South America Map Quiz

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Agatha Christie once wrote: "What an absurdity to go and bury oneself in South America, where they are always having revolutions.” But South America is more than just revolutions. Che Guevara, one of these very revolutionists, saw the vast continent as a vehicle for his wanderlust, writing: "I now know, by an almost fatalistic conformity with the facts, that my destiny is to travel...” 
The South America map, with its majestic landscapes, diverse cultures and, yes, revolutions, welcomes travelers and historians alike to explore this astounding continent and discover its many riches. 
So, let's get to it with this South America map quiz. Follow the Machu Picchu trail and visit the Incas, gaze upon Angel Falls, the world's highest waterfall, and swim down the world's longest river, the Amazon. Actually, don't do that – poisonous dart frogs, anacondas, and electric eels call those waters home. In any case, join us in discovering the country outlines in the map of South America and demonstrate your geography chops! 
Test your South America Map Knowledge
When you studied the revolutionary history of South America, did you ever imagine driving down the Pan American Highway? Where would you stop off on your epic road trip? Brazil? Argentina? Peru? If this continent is on your bucket list, then this map of South America quiz is for you.
Our fun online quiz about the South America map will take you through the Andes Mountains, across rugged Patagonia (called the "Land of Big Feet"), through the world's driest desert of Atacama, and atop the famous salt flats of Salar de Uyuni. This isn't just a quiz of the map of South America; it's an exciting way to explore without ever leaving your home. 
Time to put your knowledge of the South America map to work. Study up, then get your adrenaline pumping with our South America map quiz.  
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The study of the world leads to curiosity about other cultures. Not only are you learning world geography, you're learning about the history, the landscapes, the people of the world. If this Curious George sounds like you, our South America map quiz won't kill the cat; it'll lead you by the hand into the great wide yonder. 
We've compiled an interesting quiz group, designed to test your knowledge of world geography, while also inspiring you to learn more. Become an explorer, the likes of which the world has never seen. Discover the riches, both material and cultural, of this incredible continent, and all other continents around the globe. Only then will you be worldly enough to conquer all quizzes in this quiz group. 
If you're curious about South America, start here. But be sure to branch out into Asia, Europe, and Africa, as well. Soon, you'll be the geography whiz that you always dreamed of being. Without further ado, put your memory to the test with this South America map quiz!

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