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Todd has his Bachelor’s in Physics and Mathematics as well as his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. Currently, he is a physics professor and has taught astronomy and engineering.

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NFL Quiz

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In a recent survey, over 60% of the U.S. and 35% of the world said they were NFL fans. That’s a huge percentage. But as you well know, there are fans—and then there are superfans. The superfan, like the super bowl, is the pinnacle of Football achievement (but for viewers.) It’s one thing to catch a match here and there and quite another to identify players, insignia, and specific moments of play. Becoming a superfan requires gaining and storing as much knowledge about NFL teams as you can—and then finding a way to put that knowledge on show. 

Do you think you are already a Super Bowl superfan? We'll put your knowledge to the test and see if you can pass the hardest NFL quiz around.

How about we warm you up with a little NFL Football Quiz teaser? Ready? Let’s play: 

Did you know that the Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans, and Cleveland Browns have never been to the Super Bowl? 

If you did know that, congratulations! You’re ready to ace our NFL Football Quiz. If you didn’t know this piece of trivia, don’t worry. The only way to learn is by putting in the time, right here on one of our popular NFL quizzes. Imagine what a hero you’ll be the next time you whip out some little-known NFL trivia in a room full of fans.

Good luck!

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Research has shown that the best way to exercise your mind is by learning something new. Our extensive library of quizzes is packed full of knowledge provided by industry experts who’ve undergone a strict vetting process. (Remember Todd? Yes! He’s one of our many Quiz Gurus.)

Getting started is easy! Each quiz you take is part of a larger “Quiz Pack” that covers a broad spectrum of information on a topic you’re interested in. Most Quiz Packs contain up to 5 subject-based quizzes and a final review quiz to see how much you’ve learned. Many of our featured topics are split into multiple parts, each becoming just a little more challenging than the former.

Of course, our NFL quizzes are no different and form part of a QuizGriz Quiz Pack that goes deep into the subject. Once you have aced this one, head on over to the next one to gain ultimate proficiency in this area.

By completing every quiz in a “quiz pack” and earning a 70% or more on the final review, you’ll become a Master of that topic. But don’t stop with one topic! Expand your knowledge beyond the super bowl by exploring the other Quiz Packs in our collection. The more quizzes you take, the more topics you’ll master - all while earning points, bragging rights among your friends, and valuable exercise for a healthy mind.

Think of our quizzes as an intellectual handoff—we’re passing the ball of knowledge from us to you. Now all you have to do is run with it, and hopefully score big! Seriously, what use does all that trivia have rattling around in your brain? Let’s get it out in the open and show the world the skills you have when you flex those intellectual muscles.
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QuizGriz enables knowledge-seekers to experience a community of like-minded people who are focused on exercising their minds while mastering interest-based topics.

Think of QuizGriz as a personal trainer for your mind. Not the kind that screams at you and tells you to take it easy on the donuts—we love and support donut consumption, and especially if consumed while glued to a match. Think of us as the kind of personal trainer that guides and motivates you to become the master of your own destiny. You see? You don’t have to be a league football player to enjoy the benefits of our NFL Football Quiz training. There are many different forms of coaching. 

Let’s be honest, all the clickbait and fake news out there is exhausting! It clutters our minds and clouds our focus, making it nearly impossible to get anything done—and that got us thinking. Isn’t there something better we could be doing with our time? So we set out to build an educational platform that’s dedicated to helping you learn something new everyday. Something productive, exciting, and worth sharing with your friends, like donuts. Only… donuts can be very hard to share. (That’s why we make extra for our half-time snacks.)

We’re creating a new brand of quizzes that are written, reviewed, and approved by top minds in the industry, ensuring each quiz you take is packed full of educational value. We encourage you to embark on this adventure with us by supporting our mission to help our community learn something new every day

Whether you are a superfan or you’ve just learned what NFL stands for (It’s No Fun Llamas, right?), take our NFL Football Quiz to up your game. As any great player knows, the only way to get better is to train—and this is exactly what QuizGriz is providing you with the opportunity to do.
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