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Raising Rory: Do You Remember Your Gilmore Girls Trivia?

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Think you're a whiz at 'Gilmore Girls' trivia? Do you have fond memories of the citizens of Stars Hollow, Connecticut? If so, then you're the perfect person to take this spunky 'Gilmore Girls' quiz. Lorelai and Rory may have been the stars of the show, but you could be the star of TV trivia games by taking this fun and nostalgic quiz.
It has been 12 years since the characters of 'Gilmore Girls' were last broadcast into our homes and hearts. Few television shows have had the impact that this show has had on an entire generation of people. The stars of the show, too, may have gone on to other successes, but nothing unites people around a cause like going back to a show that elicits feelings of comfort, friendship, family and fun.
Relationships took center stage and were a constant theme through the seven years 'Gilmore Girls' aired. The mother-daughter dynamic between Lorelai and Rory took center stage and weaved itself through every weekly episode. Parenting a teen while also growing up herself, Lorelai had to learn how to let Rory grow and learn from her own mistakes. Rory, on the other hand, had to understand that her mother was also doing some maturing of her own, especially when it came to developing strong relationships with people of the opposite sex. Still, at the end of each episode, Lorelai and Rory had each other, and that was not a reality that was changing anytime soon.
Gather your pals together and wow them with your ability to take a fun quiz about the good, the bad and the quirky behind one of television's most followed shows. Work your brain and get going on this 'Gilmore Girls' quiz now so you can perhaps be inspired to go back and binge watch it all over again.

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