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European History Quiz - How Much Do You Know About WWII?

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It’s 1939, and Europe is on the brink of war. Nazi Germany is getting headstrong, fascism has risen in Italy, Stalin is growing power-hungry in Soviet Russia and, on the far side of the globe, Japanese aggression is seething. The world is about to implode. This is European history in the making.
If you want to learn more about recent European history, this WWII quiz is a good place to start. Travel around the map of Europe, march along the battlefronts, and bask in the ultimate victory of the Allied Powers. This European WWII quiz will recall the events that provoked the war, the big names and leaders involved, and the important dates and places of the this terrible European history.
Why learn this stuff? For European people, history is still very much alive today – in the monuments to fallen heroes, in the memorials to the victims of war, and in the residue of that dangerous ideology which led to millions dead. For European people, history is a reminder of the devastation and destruction that accompanies ideas of supremacy. In fact, Europe doesn’t want you to forget; WWII memorials stand tall everywhere, so that residents and tourists alike remember where power, hatred, and greed lead.
We know this sounds all too heavy, but this dynamic and fun European history quiz will more than tell you bland facts; it will draw you into the story of WWII, introducing you to its heroes and villains and all the rest. Before you know it, your curiosity will make you hunger for history.
Test your Knowledge of European History
Do you recall the moment when, as a child, you learned about WWII? We do. Learning about that sad and terrible history, our innocence was shed. Why did this happen? How could the world let this happen?
Take our historical online quiz, and you’ll discover how and why it happened. Not only will you learn the map of Europe and the history of the European people, but you will grapple with the same questions you had as a child: why and how do people get to this point? This quiz will have you asking the eternal questions.
So, turn your clock back to the ‘30s and ‘40s and let’s get crackin’! Take our European history quiz and drop some WWII knowledge.
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On the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow reads the script: “Your name is unknown. Your deed is immortal.” Millions of soldiers and civilians alike perished in WWII, and yet their deed lives on through the telling of stories. That’s what history is: telling the story of the immortal deed of those unknown soldiers and peoples of the past.
We’ve dug through European history books to piece together an interesting quiz group that will test your historical know-how. This quiz recalls the soldiers’ and victims’ sufferings and their victories, improving your knowledge of European people, the history of WWII, and the map of Europe.
This WWII European history quiz is one in a series of quizzes for history buffs. It will remind you of the immortal deeds of those unknown, while also encouraging modern day scholars to learn from the past. All of this in one fun online quiz!

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