The Post Adoption Recoveries of These 20+ Rescue Animals Are Incredible

These 20 Pet Rescue Stories will bring Tears to your Eyes then make you Shout for Joy!

There’s just something about rescue animals. They’ve been through so much and they are so grateful to the people who adopt them. These 20 pet adoption stories show just what it means to love a rescue animal. Find out how love can make such a difference in a sad and lonely animal’s life.

1. Coconut Finds A Home And A New Lease On Life.

When coconut was found, the poor baby was nothing but skin and bones. We weren’t sure if he was going to make it, but three months later he is thriving! He’s filled out, his coat is soft and shiny, and he’ll never have to worry about going hungry again.

2. From Shelter Mutt to Handsome Homebody.

Judging by those alert, amber eyes and silky, coal black coat, you’d never guess that he started out at the shelter as a skinny, depressed, withdrawn dog. Three years later this gorgeous rescue is quite the stunner – and also a bit of a character, according to his owner.

3. The Little Fish That Could.

Beta Fish Before

This poor little guy was found on the bottom of his pet store tank. He was nearly dead. The pet store gave him to his rescuer for free – they didn’t think he was going to make it. He lost all his fins to fin rot, but thanks to the TLC from his rescuer, he not only survived, but thrived!

4. Rasta

Found on the streets of Montreal, this charming little pup was barely recognizable under all that matted fur. But after a nice haircut and a good shampoo he couldn’t be any cuter!

5. Nando – The Chicken Who Found His Feathers! 

Life on the farm wasn’t easy for Nando. The other chickens weren’t very nice to him and pulled all of his feathers out. When he was rescued he was pretty bald, but after just a few months and a whole lot of love, his feathers are returning, silky as ever!

6. Shrek’s Total Transformation

Who would’ve ever guessed that this little guy was hiding under all of that fur and mud. Shrek had extensive sores on his legs and was barely moving when he was found. Luckily with some TLC a haircut and loving home, Shrek is thriving and enjoying life.

7. She Was Escaping The Rain But Found A Home Instead.

One rainy day a skinny, shivering puppy wandered into a museum, trying to escape the icy rain. A worker took pity on the little waif and brought her home with the intention of fostering her. Before long she had worked her way into their hearts and family (because rescue dogs are so awesome!). She was just escaping the cold rain, but she found a loving family instead.

8. He Was Unrecognizable, But Now He’s Foxy.

The is one of our favorite rescue animals. This red fox was about 4 months old when he was found in building site, caked with mud and fighting for his life. His rescuers couldn’t even tell exactly what he was. A warm bath removed the muddy layer and the beautiful russet coat of a red fox was uncovered. What a handsome boy under there!

9. Cedar’s New Fluffy Look on Life.

Cedar was a stressed out doggy who lost all of his hair and was incredibly malnourished. Cedars new home fixed him right up, though. Don’t you just want to snuggle that fluffy coat.

10. Phoenix Rises Back From The Dead!

Phoenix was found floating in his tiny cup at the pet store, everyone thought the little Beta was dead. But he wasn’t done yet! The pet store gave him to his rescuer for free, certain he was a lost cause. Over just 22 days love and care from his rescuer gave him a new lease on life. Phoenix is rising with gorgeous fins and beautiful, bright color.

11. Smiley Miley

Miley had a “ruff” start, she was badly injured and couldn’t walk. She was living in the trash when she would found. Luckily, her new owners fixed her right up and how she’s one happy, healthy pup who has a warm bed!

12. This 5-week old Kitten Was Abandoned.

Rescue Kitten Before

This tiny 5-week old kitten was abandoned by his mother. Usually, that is a death sentence for such a young kitty, but this little guy got a rescue of a different kind. A family of ferrets took him in and mamma accepted him as her own. This just goes to show you that not all family is blood relation.

13. Sweet Penny Couldn’t Make It As A Hunting Dog.

Still, she beat the odds. When Penny, a Bloodhound and Redbone Coonhound mix, was rescued she was an emaciated 40 pounds. Still, as a hunting dog she fared far better than many hunting dogs that don’t make the grade. Her loving rescuer gently nursed her back to a healthy 68 pounds – now she is giving that love back.

14. What a Lovable Face!

When Olivia was picked up from the shelter by her current owner she was a timid, tiny puppy who needed a good meal. Only one year later and look how she has grown!

15. This Gaunt Street Dog, Turned It Around And Got Her Degree!

Maggie was left to roam the streets with no home and no one to love her. When she was found, she was a little more than a skeleton covered with fur. Her rescuers took her in and just two months later, her recovery is incredible – and she just graduated from obedience school. She went from street dog to degreed dog. Way to go Maggie!

16. Alana Sporting Her New ‘Do

Alana surprised everyone when she arrived at the shelter. Her beautiful coat overgrown but it was completely mangled but after her new do they realized that she was still a youthful pup!

17. This Senior Had Plenty Of Life Left In Him; All He Needed Was A Chance.

When he was found on the rough streets of Chile he was nearly dead and missing most of his fur. He was taken in, shown love for the first time, and wow! This now healthy, happy boy is a beautiful Akita. Who would have thought such a regal canine was hiding in that sick and broken body? Isn’t amazing what a little love will do?

18. Misty Was Headed To Slaughter.

Misty Before

But then an angel paid $90 and changed her life. – Misty was headed to slaughter, a sad, skinny pony that everyone had written off as useless. But someone saw something in her and paid $90 so Misty wouldn’t become dog food. Now just a few months later, she is a different animal with bright eyes, a glistening coat, and a little girl who loves her to pieces.

19. Little Miss Ellen

Ellen was rescued from an open access shelter. After a weighty 2lb haircut this lovely lady is ready to have a new look on life!

20. August Was Sick, Sad, And Completely Shut Down.


But love turned him around. When August was found, he was a very sick boy. Eventually, his body healed but his spirit remained broken. He was guarded, shut down, he didn’t even wag his tail. Then August was adopted – and love turned him around. He went from an introverted, depressed dog to a playful, loving pup, changed by love.

21. This Scared And Lonely Girl Was Hiding Under A Trailer But She Is Like A Different Dog Now!

This beautiful Golden Retriever was hiding under a trailer when rescuers found her. She was dirty, lonely, and very scared. After coaxing her out and getting her a bath, she began her brand new life. She is so playful, loving and gentle – and she will never be lonely, scared, or dirty again.

22. What a Doll!

Little Dolly was eating trash in LA when she was rescued. After removing 10 pounds of caked on fur was removed and this fluffy pup couldn’t be happier!

23. Pillow Beats The Odds And Finds His Forever Home.

Pillow Before

Many families passed on Pillow in the shelter. They took him out, played with him, but when they went home he was left behind. One person, though, thought that maybe, just maybe, there was room in their house for one more dog. Now he is home with a family of his own. Pillow beat the odds.

24. You Wish You had His Bowtie!

Poor Theo was left to fend for himself on the streets when his owners moved. About a year later this lucky fella was rescued and given an awesome home and an awesome bowtie!

 25. A Senior Dog Story With A Heartwarming Ending.

Caera Before

Caera was caked in mud when she was found as a stray. At the shelter, the man who would become her companion spotted her and fell in love. He decided to give this elderly shelter dog a chance, and a loving home. Oh, and her name, Caera? It is an old Irish word that means “Beloved Friend.”

26. Peak- a- Boo

Boo was found on a street in Florida and in desperate need of a bath! Maybe they named her that because this little ball of cuteness was hiding under all of that fur!

27. A Horribly Abused And Mistreated Dog Learns To Trust Again.

Gage Before

Gage was aggressive. He bit, jumped on people, was destructive, and very scared. Coming from an abusive situation, Gage was afraid of everyone and everything. He was 45 pounds when rescued – he should have been 80. His foster took him in, showing him unending patience and love. Eventually, that love broke through the fear and Gage learned to trust again. And his foster? Well who do you think adopted him?

28. To See This Beautiful Coydog Now You’d Never Guess She Was A Starved, Abused Pup.

Midna didn’t have such a great start in life. She and her sister, Zelda, were beaten, starved, and terribly mistreated. At about 7 months, they were rescued, but the road was long. Both girls were skinny and not well socialized. Their fur was matted and they had health problems. Once their foster took them in, though, they began to thrive. Just look at Midna now!

29. Iggy’s Real Life Fairytale!

Post Adoption Recoveries

This is a true doggy fairytale. Iggy was found in Mexico with a terrible eye infection and in need of medical attention. Due to a Facebook post, enough money was raised to bring him to the US where he got the care that he needed. Now he likes to run around and play with all of his new pup friends. I think he even got himself a guard dog!

30. Who Knew This Worn-Down Stray Looked Like That?

Boris Before

Boris was a stray with no family to call his own. When he was found on the streets of Romania, his fur was so matted he had to be shaved. He was scared of everything including people, but it didn’t take him long to warm up to his new owners. His owners brought him home and a beautiful, snowy white, happy, playful dog emerged from the broken, scared, sad one. He’ll never be on the streets again.

31. Just Enjoying the Scenery.

This poor pup was abused and neglected her whole life. Until someone gave her a happy home and showered her with love and affection. Look at that smile!

32. When You See His Before And After Pictures You Won’t Even Think It’s The Same Dog!

Augustus Before

Augustus was rescued as a stray on the streets of Alabama. His skin was scabby with mange and what little fur he had was terribly matted. He had to be shaved, but his mange was treated and, well, the after picture says it all. What a beautiful boy!

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