Mind Blowing Treehouse’s You Won’t Believe Exist

Treehouses are a staple part of childhood memories. A place to hide out when your feeling angry at the world (or your parents) and the perfect spot for the neighborhood kids to come hang out in and let your imagination run wild. The treehouses on this list are what happens when the child inside all of us comes out, and where childhood dreams truly come to life. Here are 39 interior and exterior photos of the most mind blowing treehouses that have ever been built. Number one will have your inner child wanting to head out and start building your own!

39. Mirror Cube – Exterior

Tham & Vinegard architects spared no creativity when designing this treehouse. In order to capture all of the beauty around it and maintain an air of invisibility, it is covered in mirrors to reflect the surroundings.

38. Mirror Cube – Interior

Surprise! Treehouse sleepovers are totally doable because this is actually a hotel! Take a load off in Sweden’s invisible hotel room which features a bed, bathroom, lounge, and rooftop terrace. We just want to know… how did they fit all that in there?

37. The Sustainability Treehouse – Exterior

This award worthy treehouse is also a teaching tool. Each floor has an opportunity to learn about different levels of the ecosystem.

36. The Sustainability Treehouse – Interior

Located in West Virginia, this multi-level structure is an adventure for eager campers both young and old.

35. Roost Treehouse – Exterior

The builders of this treehouse performed some exquisite workmanship. Made to showcase the various curves that are found in nature, it blends in well with the surrounding trees.

34. Roost Treehouse – Top Deck

Created using sustainable materials, it looks like a structure you would see in a mythical movie. Enjoy your natural surroundings on the top deck or relax inside your ultra cool treehouse fort. Designer Antony Gibbon spared no detail when he created this beautiful masterpiece!

33. Yellow Treehouse Restaurant – Exterior

This treehouse really lights up the surrounding area with a beautiful, warm glow. Its geometric design is just the beginning of what makes this treehouse so epically cool.

32. Yellow Treehouse Restaurant – Interior

Because on the inside is a beautiful restaurant! Located in stunning New Zealand this treehouse restaurant is fit for the sophisticated adult who can’t quite let go of his childhood.

31. 4Tree House – Exterior

The design of this treehouse is breathtaking, as it is made to look like the treehouse is simply floating amongst the trees. Using four surrounding trees as its base, the treehouse, located in Canada, stands three levels tall!

30. 4Tree House – Interior

It is created with a semi-transparent design which is intended to let light in and out of it as naturally and efficiently as possible. Sitting lakeside among the fir trees at Lake Muskoka, we could sit in this amazing treehouse all day and night!

29. Tea House Tetsu – Exterior

What seems like a relatively simple treehouse turns into a breathtaking abode to hide away in when the cherry trees start to blossom trees in Japan.

28. Tea House Tetsu – Interior

But this treehouse isn’t just a treehouse! It also serves as a tea house. What better place to enjoy the blooming cherry blossom trees than amongst them, drinking a nice cup of tea?

27. Horace Burgess’s Treehouse – Exterior

Tennessee is home to this gigantic treehouse, which stands at 97 feet tall! This treehouse is so massive that it has to use six trees to form its base and keep it sturdy.

26. Horace Burgess’s Treehouse – Interior

What’s even more shocking than the size of this treehouse? The amount of time it took to build it! The entire construction took over 14 years.

25. Wilkinson Residence – Exterior

This multidimensional treehouse is absolutely mind boggling to look at. It is located among the beautiful trees in rainy Oregon.

24. Wilkinson Residence – Interior

Designed as a structure to help enhance surrounding nature, the Wilkinson Residence treehouse also enhances music flow.

23. Banyan Treehouse – Exterior

Modern luxury meets traditional treehouse in this amazing structure that overlooks Los Angeles.

22. Banyan Treehouse – Interior

Built on a large pine tree, this is an excellent place to relax in and enjoy the view and peaceful surroundings.

21. The Cocoon – Exterior

This was a design project by the students at London’s Architectural Association and it’s definitely an A+ job. This treehouse is more of a tree cocoon, nestled in the trees for a peaceful purpose.

20. The Cocoon – Interior

The motive and genius behind this design is tranquility. Its intended purpose is for those passing by to be able to sit and take in the sunset.

19. Free Spirit Spheres – Exterior

A unique take on a treehouse is the Free Spirit Spheres. It’s located in the rainforest of Vancouver, Canada and the unique shape is what gave it its name.

18. Free Spirit Spheres – Interior

For those looking for a unique place to spend the night, you can book a night here and check out the stars from high atop the Vancouver trees.

17. Baumraum Treehouse – Exterior

Located in Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium, this treehouse was expertly designed by the creative genius, Baumraum.

16. Baumraum Treehouse – Interior

Designed to attempt to minimize the gap between ecology and economy. Inside is breathtaking, as it contains cutting edge eco facilities.

15. E’terra Samara Retreat – Exterior

This treehouse can be found in Canada, where it is suspended and wrapped around a tree.

14. E’terra Samara Retreat – Interior

However, this isn’t just a treehouse. There are a total of 12 of these in the area that make up a 5-star eco-resort where you can camp out overnight in natural luxury.

13. Tree in the House – Exterior

Tree in the House is a large, transparent cylinder that extends up around a tree. It can be found up in the mountains in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan.

12. Tree in the House – Interior

The empty core of this treehouse gives ample room for the tree that it is centered around to grow through it.

11. Tree Snake Houses – Exterior

This Portugal treehouse has a creepy illusion of a snake slithering amongst the trees. It takes treehouses to new heights with its breathtaking structure.

10. Tree Snake Houses – Interior

Blending into the surrounding forest surprisingly well, the materials were carried in with new technology that allows the structure to be essentially weightless.

9. Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses – Exterior

This treehouse lodge gives guests multiple options to choose from. Those who want a multi level structures or a stand alone treehouse find enjoyment in the Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses.

8. Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses – Interior

This is a great way to do some whale watching, as the treehouses are located on New Zealand’s south island.

7. La Casa Del Arbol -Exterior

La Casa Del Arbol combines a treehouse with a swing set for thrill-seeking guests to enjoy.

6. La Casa Del Arbol – Swing

Not only can you sleep here, you can swing over the city that it is located below.

5. UFO Hotel Room – Exterior

An eerie sight to see deep in the woods, this UFO Hotel room is a jaw dropping $625 per night.

4. UFO Hotel Room – Interior

This extraterrestrial hotel room that is suspended in the trees is a great place for people of all ages to stay..

3. Chewton Glen Treehouse Suites – Exterior

Located in Hampshire, England, this treehouse sits high in the trees.

2. Chewton Glen Treehouse Suites – Interior

The treehouse, which sits on stilts, allows guests to take in the beauty of the forest with a panoramic view.

1. The Enchanted Forest Treehouse

The outside of this treehouse looks like something you would see in a fairy tell, with its adorable roof, winding staircase, and oversized mushrooms welcoming guests inside. It has been speculated that this might be the tallest treehouse in all of British Columbia!

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