DIY Hero Turns His Old Attic Into the Ultimate Man Cave. You Won’t Believe This!

When you look at a dusty little attic space, what do you see? The answer to that question has infinite possibilities. One man, who goes by the username Olivier-FR, looked at his old attic and decided that he needed a man cave. Not just any man cave, mind you, but one that showcased the spirit of his passion: the open sea. Today we are going to walk you through each step of the journey as one man used DIY skills to turn his attic into a boat cabin themed man cave. You won’t believe the transformation. Be careful, you might just be inspired to start working on your own home!

35. What He Started With

A glance at this attic reveals nothing without a little bit of imagination. Once you see what this little storage space turned into you will want to come back o this image. Are you ready to go on an inspiring journey?

34. Up The Ladder

Before we get started on the complete transformation you should at least know how to get into the attic. Would you believe with just a little bit of work this entrance will soon lead to a man cave fit for designer magazines?

33. Opening Up The Ceiling

To kick start the renovation our DIY hero decided to open up the ceiling by angling the roof. This was done to create more height in the room. You can’t really relax in your man cave if you are stuck in a half crouch the entire time, can you?

32. Structural Engineering Can Be Difficult

Some DIY skills are harder to hone than others. Here we see that our man cave aficionado has actually put in work overhauling the structural engineering of his home. This kind of job is a “do not attempt” unless you are confident in your abilities.

31.  Changing The Angles

What makes this part of the renovation so important, and difficult, is that our DIY leader can’t compromise the integrity of the beams. If the beams were to fail, well, you wouldn’t want to be in the attic at the time.

30. A Peak At The Insulation

Here you’ll see that we already have some insulation down. Anybody with an attic knows that having a well room can keep the temperature down. A drafty attic is the worst place to try and relax. We’ll address insulation issues again later on in the process.

29.  Finding A New Entrance

While a hanging ladder in the middle of the hallway is an okay spot for stashing Christmas presents, it won’t work for our man cave. With a little bit of creativity, we find ourselves coming through this wall. Where does it lead?

28. Using The Building’s Natural Construction

On the other side of this wall is a staircase that leads down and into the garage. The decision to create the attic entrance here made a ton of sense as there was already a base to build off of.

27. A Companion Staircase Emerges

Going up? In the blink of an eye, we have a staircase ready to use. Sure, it’s a little tight, but when you do it the DIY way you have to take advantage of any space that you can. Don’t worry, this look isn’t permanent. Olivier-FR has some big changes coming

26. The Most Adorable Nautical Door

Where once we had a plain section of wall we now have an adorable little door with a bay window. Come on, how cool is that nautical themed window? A masterful touch from someone who clearly enjoys the theme.

25.  Door To Nowhere – For Now

When you approach a DIY project of this magnitude you have to plan ahead and be patient. Right now this door doesn’t go anywhere but changes are a-coming.

24. Time To Build Some Stairs

So far Olivier-FR has mostly just invested sweat equity. Now he opts to spend some money in order to get supplies to build his staircase. You don’t want to go cheap here! Still, going the DIY route is saving a ton of money.

23.  The Stair Frames Are Painted

The stairs are framed out and soldered. A cool black finish is going to look great when installed. As you can see, this was all done from the garage. Now imagine outsourcing all of this work to contractors. That kind of time adds up. The work isn’t hard, just time consuming.

22. Eased Into Place

Looking shiny and sturdy our new staircase is eased into place. Now the nautical door opens up to a rig that could have been pulled straight from a ship! We haven’t even gotten to the fun stuff yet.

21.  A Closer Look At The Stairs

With a ton of painting to do Olivier-FR keeps the stairs wrapped in plastic. No reason to ruin that smooth looking finish.

20.  View From The Other Side

Being that the garage and attic now share a staircase it was important that he didn’t ruin either area. Here you can see that the new attic staircase/ladder fits perfectly and the other staircase was not impacted negatively.

19. Potential Roof Window?

With the staircase done it seems like we need to start heading upstairs in order to get to work. Here we see that Olivier-FR wants to implement a roof window. We’re 100% down with that.

18.  Wood Paneling In Place

While the staircase was under construction, work continued upstairs. Here we see that the team has put up some wood paneling. The left side shows the paneling painted white, the rest of the room is still being finished.

17.  The Skylight Arrives!

When installed properly there is nothing more satisfying than a roof window. Here we see that Olivier-FR’s decision to install a skylight has paid off. The influx of natural light instantly opens up the room, making it look and feel larger.

16.  Wide View Of Our Progress So Far

What did we tell you? The room looks fantastic even without a full coat of paint up. Still, we have a long way to go before this turns into the seafaring man cave of our dreams.

15.  A Look At The Entrance

Here’s a downward view of the stairs as they come up from the door. Beats the heck out of those old attic ladders, right?

14. One End Of The Room

Here we can see that a banister has been installed to close off the entrance area. We can also see that Olivier-FR has begun framing out both sides of the attic walls. Take a moment to look back at our initial attic picture. The change is incredible so far.

13. View From The Skylight

Olivier-FR takes a break from his hard work to look out of his skylight. Nice little view, right?

12.  Getting The Family Involved

A custom man cave is going to require some custom furniture. Olivier-FR enlists the help of his children to make some furniture. Okay, they are probably just watching but it is the thought that counts.

11. Here Comes The Carpet!

With the custom furniture mostly done the team moves on to the finishing touches. Here we see that the room has been completely painted and that new carpet has been laid down.

10.  The Entrance, Complete

Don’t you just love that new carpet smell? The entrance looks as good as it gets.

9. Vanity Shot Of The Stairs

If you’re going to work this hard on creating a custom staircase then you might as well soak in the details. We love the dark brown grain and the polished black frame.

8. Well Made And Sturdy

Most people probably look sideways at the idea of using a ladder as a primary means to enter a room. Here we can see that the staircase was well made. This thing is going to hold up to many Sunday Night trips.

7. Safety Railing Installed

Safety is paramount — especially when your entrance is literally an opening in the floor. Safety rails have been installed. Bonus: we get a peak at Olivier-FR’s neat collection. The bottom shelf is covered in Star Wars figures!

6. One Final Adjustment With The Door

Back downstairs we see that Olivier-FR has opted to change out his door. Instead of swinging outwards he has decided to put it on a sliding track. This is a huge space saving measure and easier than you’d think to install.

5. Let’s Decorate!

Our sailor theme comes to life in some subtle and nuanced ways. See the thermometer and the framed ship pictures? Of course, you have to have a giant Hot Dog sign too.

4.  Wide View Of The Room

It is almost hard to believe that this is the same attic. This picture really showcases the length of the room. We have a reading nook with a small floor bed, or shikibuton. We also have a weight rack and a futon. Man, this looks nicer than my apartment.

3. The Other Angle

Here’s the reverse shot of the prior image. The giant roof window brings in some serious light. Could you see yourself relaxing in here? We do wonder where the weight bench stores its weights — maybe downstairs for an extra workout!

2.  Additional Insulation Is Installed

We told you we would revisit the insulation section. Olivier-FR wants the room to feel as comfortable as it looks so he installs another layer of insulation.

1.  Finally – A Heater Is Installed

To make your attic room completely comfortable you need some premier climate control. This space-aged looking heater fits perfectly inside of its custom case.  Now the room is as comfortable as it looks. Time to throw in Master and Commander and relax with a glass of wine!

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