This Guy’s Backyard Ideas Were Insane. Now We Think He’s A Genius.

There are some people who are just fine with the ordinary. Then there are those people who seek out the extraordinary.

They always go above and beyond, looking for the unique, the different, the special, because that is what moves them. For these people, ordinary just will never do. Especially when it comes to their backyard.

Such is the case with Imgur user, VonBubenberg. He wanted to be able to swim in his backyard, but a regular old swimming pool was just too normal for him. He didn’t want to settle for your average, run of the mill swimming pool, he wanted more. He wanted something different, unique, unexpected – and that is exactly what he got.

What he created in his backyard in Switzerland is nothing short of incredible. When others saw it they were skeptical at first. One Reddit user, DainBramage23 said that when he first looked at it, he thought it was just someone who was too cheap to buy an actual swimming pool. Then he looked deeper and saw that it was much cooler and unique than any regular swimming pool.

30. Humble beginnings.

This project has gotten VonBubenberg a lot of online attention and with good reason. This backyard idea truly is one of a kind and the end result is exceptional. At the beginning of the project, the yard was not pretty – at all. The grass was sparse in some places, nonexistent in others, and even dead in patches. VonBubenberg and his family had their work cut out for them. Once it was chalked out it was time to get started. At this point anything done to the yard would be an improvement.

29. The potential was there, but can they make it work?

The yard itself had a lot of potential. There was a patio leading from the house and a sunroom off to the side. The other side of the yard was bordered by a tall wooden privacy fence. The rear fence was chain link and a bit of an eyesore, but it was all part of the plan.

28. As seen from above.

This is an aerial view taken from the sunroom’s roof. You can get a better feel for how the yard is laid out. The white line is his marker for where he was planning to make the pool-pond. In such a small yard it will be interesting to see how the project took shape.

27. Who doesn’t love heavy equipment?

He hired a back hoe to dig the hole and the project had officially begun. This is a shot from the sunroom. You can see the layout of the yard and patio a little better. The excavation is usually the hardest part. You can see here, he was going for something that was rather deep and fairly wide.

26. Short work of a big job.

The back hoe made digging the hole for the pond much faster and easier.

25. The structure is laid, now the building can begin.

This angle allows you to better see the layout of the yard. You can also see the water conduit. The “fountain” sits off to the side, feeding the pond a continuous stream of fresh water. The filtration system is housed in the garage so all the conduits lead to that point.

24. They put little sis to work!

The whole family pitched in, even little sis. If you could hold a shovel, you were in. It was a good activity for family bonding. They worked as a team to turn their dream into a reality. What an enriching experience.

23. Now that is one big hole!

Here is a shot of the pond once the digging was complete. You can see the deep section and what looks like a shallower section. Guess we’ll just have to wait to see what the finished product looks like.

22. Stone steps take you right down into the water.

Imagine slowly descending into the cool water, allowing the cares of the day to just float away. If you look to the far left you can see the skeleton of the fountain. One thing is for certain, this is going to look amazing!

21. The laying of the felt.

Here is another shot taken from the roof of the sunroom. You can see that the felt has been laid and secured for what will eventually be the pond. You’re witnessing the beginnings of the most epic swimming hole ever!

20. The liner keeps the water where it should – in the pond.

The next step in the process was to lay a massive pond liner over the felt. This would make the pond capable of holding water. VonBubenberg’s father ordered all of the materials used on the project from Germany.

19. Like a beating heart, it keeps the pond alive.

Let’s take a look inside the garage. This is the heart of the pond. The filter system that was built to circulate the water. It starts with UV light, then each barrel has a different filtering material such as foam and gravel so that before the water is returned to the pond it is clean.

18. It’s time to rock and roll – mostly rock.

The next step was to fill the pond with heavy rocks. It took five men eight hours to build the rock walls for the pond. It was exhausting, back breaking work. The rocks were essential for aesthetics as well as structural integrity. This formed the foundation and gave it shape.

17. You’re gonna need something to walk on.

Then the floor tiles were placed. The quality on this pond is astounding. It is going to be as beautiful as it is sturdy.

16. It’s finally starting to look like a real pond.

They spread the rock around the banks and filled it with water. It was shaping up quite nicely. Excitement was building; their project was nearing completion. Now for some finishing touches.

15. Come on it, the water’s fine – well almost.

With a new rear privacy fence and the pond filled with water it is looking pretty awesome. Notice how they created a shallow area, then the deeper area off to the side? Even though it is not yet finished here, it still looks so inviting. You want to just jump right in!

14. Going all out with designer lighting.

But before we get to the deck, there is another feature that really ups the coolness factor – underwater lighting. Take a romantic night swim, a quick dip before bed in the soft glow of the illuminated pond.

13. Winter break and brave kitty.

Winter came and the pond’s surface froze. Check out their courageous kitty taking a stroll on the ice.

12. It can double as an ice skating rink!

We don’t think this was part of his backyard idea but the frozen pond is perfect for a little ice skating action.

11. Close your eyes and you can almost see it.

Here is a view from the garage end. Imagine walking out of your sunroom and being met with this. How romantic and beautiful. It isn’t over yet. Now it’s time for some real pond awesomeness – next step, build the deck.

10. And the work continues.

The following spring the construction continued. We can see a framework coming up around the pond. It will be interesting to see where this is going. It is starting to really come together.

9. Planning, hard work, and team work.

By the summer of 2012 all the work for the pond-pool was complete, but at this point they still had a ways to go.

8. It’s the deck!

Well, it’s the skeleton of the deck anyway. This is from the sunroom side and you can see the boards being laid. See the way it curves around the shallow side of the pond? This is not only the creating of a backyard pond, it is the transformation of the entire backyard itself.

7. A deck to end all decks – what a view!

From this angle we can see that it is a wrap-around deck. It extends along the length of the sunroom so that you can step out and onto the deck overlooking the pond. The landscaping is shaping up nicely as well. This is going to be an incredible little hideaway when it is complete.

6. Step by step it’s coming together.

The addition of the deck planks changes the whole look of the entire backyard. It gives it such a rich, sophisticated look. It sets off the sunroom perfectly. It is starting to look like one of those houses in the fine architecture magazines – a real showcase.

5. Freshwater pond.

There is just something about a freshwater pond.

4. Wow!

It is so easy to see cocktail parties and family barbecues on this deck. Maybe a midnight swim then sitting on the deck, listening to some soft music. This deck is sure to see a lot of action. It is so inviting. It draws people outside and to the water.

3. What a transformation!

The multi level deck now wraps three quarters of the way around the pond, providing lots of space for sitting, barbecuing, swinging, or whatever else comes to mind. This shot is taken from the brand new patio, almost exactly from the position of the first shots – those backyard ideas are now a distant memory.

2. Things that make you say Ahh!

This is the picture of tranquility. Taken from the rear part of the yard you can take in the pond, the deck, everything. In all, VonBubenberg estimated that his family spent around CHF30,000 which is about $34,000 in U.S. dollars. Worth it.

1. An amazing little oasis.

Imagine sitting on this deck, taking the occasional dip in the pond, laying out to soak up some rays – this is the good life. The house looks completely different. It has been upgraded, updated. It went from tired and plain to rich and exciting. Welcome home.

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