45 of The World’s Biggest Animals

Jaws. The Sandlot. Cujo. Anaconda. All of those films have one thing in common: gigantic animals making life difficult for our protagonists. As creatures who exist outside of the food chain we tend to forget that we are, all things considered, pretty much small fries on the planet. So in order to remind our lovely readers of just how little they are, we decided to pull together 45 of the biggest animals we could find for your entertainment. Don’t worry though, nothing on this list is going to try and eat you – we hope.

45. Zeus the Great Dane

We aren’t sure if Zeus got his name before or after he became the tallest dog on the planet. This Great Dane, born and raised in Michigan, stood at an incredible 7.5 feet in height when on his hind legs. As with all big dogs Zeus would end up passing away from natural causes at a young age – just 6 years old.

44. Malaysian Boa

Where is Jennifer Lopez when you need her? This Malaysian Boa was found by a construction crew while working in the jungle. At 55 feet in length we are all too confident in stating that this is one of the biggest snakes ever found and also one of the deadliest. J-Lo just called: Apparently Anaconda was just a movie and she can’t help us out.

43. Great White Shark

Beasts of the Ocean. Remnants from the past. Apex Predators. The Great White Shark can go by many names but we’ll stick with this simple title: massive. This picture showcases a Great White Shark that was pulled up outside of a Cuban village. Measurements showed the creature at over 21 feet in length while weighing in at 7,000 lbs.

42.  Giant Raccoon

If you live out in the country then you’ve no doubt seen these familiar ringed eyes staring back at you at night. Raccoons are adorable and intelligent creatures – when they aren’t 75 pounds! This giant raccoon would no doubt make mincemeat of your little pooch.

41. Nomura’s Jellyfish

If you want to really feel small then you should wade into the ocean next to the Nomura’s jellyfish. This rhizostomae jellyfish is considered the largest in the ocean with a full width of 6.6 feet. The largest Nomura on record ended up weighing an incredible 440 pounds. Our fear of the ocean just intensified.

40. Giant Grizzly Bear

The most hardened hunter in the world will turn pale when a Grizzly Bear wanders into view. Male Grizzlies can weigh upwards of 600 pounds while standing at nearly 10 feet tall on their hind legs. Grizzlies are among the largest mammalian predators on the planet.

39. Ocean Sunfish

The Ocean Sunfish, otherwise known as the Common Mola, is the heaviest bony fish on the planet. On the heavy side an adult Mola can weigh over 2,200 lbs!

38. Ralph the Rabbit

Thumper might not be such a cute character if the bunny Ralph decides to kick his hind legs at you. Ralph is the current record holder for the largest rabbit on the planet, weighing in at an incredible 50 pounds. Ralph is bigger than most junkyard dogs but we hear that he’s a total sweetheart.

37. Grey Wolf

The Grey Wolf may look cute and docile from a distance but that’s how you need to leave them be. Grey Wolves can grow up to nearly 180 pounds while standing at nearly 3 feet tall. Grey Wolves are amazing predators who can move at speeds of 37 MPH at a full run.

36. Japanese Spider Crab

The film Alien tried to warn us: Facehuggers are real. The Japanese Spider Crab is probably the most disconcerting ocean creature we have ever seen. Imagine this thing scuttling across the ocean floor toward you.

35. Field Marshall the Bull

You would never want to take this bull by the horns. Field Marshall hails from the U.K. and weighs over 3,500 pounds.

34. Giant Fox

If you watched Fox and the Hound as a kid then you no doubt grew up with an affinity for these sly little creatures. The largest fox on record, however, won’t remind you of your childhood at all! This giant fox was hunted down after becoming a menace in the neighborhood: killing local cats and farm animals. When caught the fox weighed in at over 25 lbs.

33. Gary the Capybara

This is Gary and he belongs to the largest rodent species on the planet: the capybara. Gary weighs 112 pounds which makes him the largest rodent in the world. You’re going to need a larger running wheel to keep him busy.

32. African Bush Elephant

Circuses and zoos make it easy for us to forget the sheer magnitude of elephants. The African Bush Elephant can weigh over 13,000 pounds while standing at 11 feet in height.

31. Sunflower Starfish

If you are looking for those cute little Starfish from the Discovery Channel you won’t find them here. The Sunflower Starfish is a a beast: it has 20 arms that give it an incredible wingspan of 3 feet!

30. Giant Squid

Jules Verne just paged us: the Nautilus is not prepared to take on the Giant Squid. Giant Squids are true ocean leviathans and they were once rumored to simply be the tales of mad sailors. This squid was measured out to be 44 feet long. Yikes.

29. Ulric the Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cats tend to be larger than your typical tabby. Ulric is the biggest of the bunch and his fluffy butt weighs in at over 30 pounds. Ulric looks like the perfect cuddle machine.

28. Adult Gorilla

Though the gorilla may showcase some human traits you should know that they are nothing like us in terms of physicality. In a scientific experiment a 165 pound gorilla was able to draw 850 pounds of force on a  dynamometer. The strongest 165 pound human could only draw 200 pounds. Incredible.

27. Zulu the Giraffe

We know that the Giraffe has a long neck but Zulu really puts things in perspective. Zulu is an adolescent giraffe that already stands at 19 feet tall.

26. Bismarck Flying Fox

The Bismarck Flying Fox can be found in Papa New Guinea and boy are they something to look at. The Bismarck Flying Fox is also considered ‘vulnerable’ due to their steady rate of decline.

25.  Ostrich

We have found that the Ostrich doesn’t really get much respect. Despite being a flightless bird the Ostrich is still incredibly impressive due to its ability to run at up to 43 MPH. Ostrich’s hit around 7 feet in height on average but they can grow to heights of 9+ feet!

24. Blakiston’s Fish Owl

This species of owl was first discovered by Thomas Blakiston in Hokkaido, Japan back in 1883. Blakiston’s can weigh upwards of 19 pounds with a wingspan of nearly 75 inches.

23. Colonel Meow

Here we see what can be considered the funniest named cat in the world. Colonel Meow is in the Guinness book of World Records for the length of his fur!

22. Harpy Eagle

The Harpy Eagle looks like something pulled straight out of the Jurassic Period. The Harpy Eagle is a voracious predator of small mammals.

21. Zorba the Dog

Speaking of Cujo…. Zorba is one of the heaviest dogs on the planet, weighing in at an astounding 343 pounds. He must be on a high caloric diet.

20. Goldie the Goldfish

Goldfish are unique fish in that they’ll grow to the size of their aquarium. Goldie, on display here, is showcasing her giant proportions next to the standard 99 cent goldfish.

19. Giant Weta Cricket

Having this guy chirping outside of your window would be a nightmare. The Giant Weta Cricket, shown here, is eating a carrot. Good gracious.

18. Giant African Snail

Do creepy crawlies and slimy insects make you cringe? This Giant African Snail can grow almost to a foot in length! We’re not sure that we’d want to find one of these in our house.

17. New York Rat

This gigantic rodent is making the Capybara we mentioned above look like a small time critter. Master Splinter needs to get back to the sewers and find his turtles.

16. George the Great Dane

As a cat owner the prospect of having an animal like George in our home is, well, terrifying. George weighed over 250 pounds in his prime while measuring 7 feet in length from nose to tail.

15. Chinese Giant Salamander

The Chinese Giant Salamander looks like it was pulled straight from a Dinotopia book. These fleshy, slimy creatures are the product of many legends throughout Asia.

14. African Goliath Frog

Would you kiss this creature to become a Princess? The African Goliath Frog is alarmingly large, weighing in at 7 total pounds. A croak from this guy probably shakes the ground.

13. Stewie the Maine Coone

This gorgeous cat isn’t going to scare you on the scale but you’ll need a couple of rulers to measure its length. Stewie has the longest tail in the world and his full body is nearly 49 inches in length.

12. Coconut Crab

This invertebrate lands on our list thanks to its giant body and powerful claws. The Coconut Crab can support its own weight with its claws while also living up to 70 years. Pass the butter!

11. Hulk the Pitbull

If you need a guard dog and a cuddle partner then Hulk the Pitbull is your fella. Hulk weighs an incredible 174 pounds which makes him the largest pitbull in the world. He’s apparently an absolute sweetheart, though.

10. Mr. Meow

We’ve met Colonel Meow now you need to meet Mr. Meow. Mr. Meow is a 2 year old cat that weighs a mind blowing 39 pounds – making him the heaviest living house cat in the world.

9. Big Pig

Alright, so the name isn’t creative but we find it is straight to the point. The Big Pig comes from Wafangdian City and it weighs in at nearly 2,000 pounds – completely dwarfing the woman in the picture.

8. Giant Freshwater Stingray

If you’ve seen the show River Monsters then you know how dangerous Freshwater Stingrays can be. This monstrous creation can weigh up to 1,300 pounds when it is fully grown.

7. Huntsman Spider

If insects didn’t scare you before then they probably do now. The Huntsman Spider actually hunts down birds. Birds.

6. Hercules Moth

Found throughout Papa New Guinea and Australia, the Hercules Moth looks more like a giant bird than an insect.

5. Sammy the Tortoise

QB Colin Kaepernick may have made a splash on the field but you should see the one his pet is making: Sammy the Tortoise. This giant tortoise is an incredible 115 pounds. If you think Kaepernick’s pet is big  – click here to check out the size of his mansion! 

4. Blossom the Tall Cow

We know that cows are big animals but this is ridiculous. Blossom weighed over 2,000 lbs while standing at a height of over 6 feet. She died at age 13 from a leg injury.

3. Hercules the Liger

Apparently ligers exist! This Tiger/Lion hybrid weighs 900 pounds and it has already been crowned one of the biggest cats in the world.

2. Giant Oarfish

There are untold wonders lurking beneath the ocean surface and this Oarfish is one of them. This giant fish washed up on a beach and had to be moved by ten total people.

1. Saltwater Crocodile

While sharks may be more cerebral we have to say that the Saltwater Crocodile is probably the most dangerous creature to come across in the water. Is this what the top of the food chain looks like? You might be surprised to discover what took down one of these massive creatures – watch how it happens right here!


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