Wait Until You See What’s Hiding In These Photos

There are some pictures that you can’t take at face value; sometimes the real story is in the details. So how observant are you, really? When you look at a photograph it is common for your brain focuses on the primary subject in the shot, the happy couple, the father and child, the happy hikers, but wait, what’s hiding in the background? When you notice the details, see what else in going on in the photo, that is where the real story comes to life.

That is what this collection of photos is all about. At first glance, they look like everyday, run of the mill photos, but when you take a closer look you will be amazed. Some of these photos will make you laugh out loud while others will gross you out – then there are the ones that will make your skin crawl.

Whatever your reaction, it won’t be what you expect. After looking these photos, though, you will never be able to look at pictures the same way again. You will always be looking for the real story lurking in the background.

1. Don’t look behind you.

Just a man, a woman and their dog out on the trail, enjoying a little camping. But wait! What’s that lurking in the bushes? Looks like they have an unexpected guest – a bear looking for its next meal perhaps?  You have to wonder, why isn’t the dog going ballistic?

2. Their horns hold their halos up.

This would’ve been such a nice team picture with such cute kids. Then you see the prankster on the left.

3. Just call me Fluffy.

Cute smile, shining eyes, adorable hat, and…fluffy tail?  This photo was snapped at just the right time from just the right angle. What are the odds?

4. Peek a boo! I see you!

This just might be the first photobomb in history. This picture of soldiers, taken during the Civil War looks pretty standard. Seven soldiers, posing for a photograph, one moment caught in time forever and ever. Wait, make that eight! Looks like someone else really wanted to get in the picture. See the lone soldier totally photobombing the sober shot? Priceless!

5. Teacher’s pet.

This must be where they send the obedience school honor students. He sure is paying attention.

6. Just what are they teaching these kids?

The words say “German School” and just in case you can’t read it there’s a helpful icon to give you a visual – but probably not the visual the sign maker intended – very awkward. Yeah, it’s unintentional but still more than a little off-putting.

7. New Hair-Do?

When you head to the beach for some fun in the sun and you test out your new hair-do. Nailed it.

8. Make sure they get your good side!

An awe-inspiring view, majestic mountains, some people sitting serenely on the rocks looking out over the expanse of the valley below – picture perfect. Then your eye falls to the cave just below the seated climbers and you realize that there’s just a little too much nature in that photo. The moon is out and shining bright!

9. Dancin’ with myself.

When you can’t get a date to the dance, you just gotta make do with what you have – like this guy.

10. Birds do it. Bees do it. And apparently, giraffes do it.

You head to the zoo for a little father-son time. You get someone to snap a photo of the two of you, something sweet that he can show his grandkids. But wait, there’s a little more going on in this photo and it definitely detracts from the sweet father-son moment. I guess when the urge hits you just have to go for it.

11. All dressed up – sort of.

You think this is one sharp dressed man until you check out his reflection in the full-length mirror.

12. What does a guy have to do to get some privacy around here?

Group selfies of a young boy with a sports team. A little guy’s dream – and showering guy’s nightmare.

13. I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it!

Aw! So sweet, they look so happy, so in love – and so does their pup. Not exactly the picture you’d want to put on your Christmas cards. Guess Fido was feeling the love too, and expressing it quite explicitly.

14. Peeping Tom.

At first glance, this is just your everyday, run of the mill, picture of a pretty girl – until you notice that someone or something – is watching her.

15. There’s Waldo!

Wedding pictures are supposed to be happy, right? The first thing you notice here is how miserable the bride and groom look. In fact, the only one who seems to be having a good time is the Waldo lookalike photobombing in the background.

16. Cheap childcare.

The ladies assembled for some fun, relaxing girl time, complete with Starbucks – and a super economical childcare option.

17. Just a little out of place – a little.

Someone’s not having as much fun as everyone else…

18. If I could turn back time.

Would you go back and undo what you did to get this awful road rash, do something about that haircut or maybe pull up your pants?

19. Mom… That tree’s staring at me!

Just where do you find this type of tree? It must come from a very special type of farm. Beautiful boughs – and the two eyes staring right at you.

20. Is there enough for four?

Mom and dad thought his invisible friend was just his imagination.

21. Nouveau art of the feline variety.

This cabinet is so neat and tidy; fitting perfectly with the décor. Wait, did that cat statue just blink?

22. This photo makes me want to puke!

And that kid in front of him is about to get a nasty little surprise.

23. One cool cat.

You have all your food staples here, garlic, mayo, Parmesan, fancy Dijon mustard, beer and of course no refrigerator is complete without a cat, right?

24. That’s a firm grip.

We’re not talking about that handshake.

25. Talk about your living dolls.

This is just too cute for words! Tucked among all his little friends, is this little guy just enjoying the company or is he hiding?

26. Mirror image.

Or maybe not. Chilling.

27. Bacon, sausage, condoms – yeah, that’s a perfectly logical place to keep them!

This leaves the door wide open for a plethora of double entendres so we’re just going to leave this right here.

28. Does she glow in the dark too?

When you go to the beach with this gal you better make sure she wears something bright lest you lose her in the sand.

29. Guess who’s the black sheep of the family?

At first glance, it looks like some adorable penguins just hanging out on the ice. Upon closer inspection, though, you’ll see that one “penguin” doesn’t quite fit. But we have to give him points for trying.

30. Flexible.

Wonder what she’s thinking? Maybe, can I get my other one up here too?

31. Kissy, kissy, pooh, pooh.

Two lovers in the park, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes. The photographer captured more than a private moment in that shot, though. Someone’s taking photobombing to a whole new level.

32. Peek a BOO!

Classic mirror selfie – until you see that she’s not alone.

33. Gotta cool off them dancin’ shoes!

Looks like someone spent the night at the disco inferno. Or maybe they just had a little too much party the evening before. Points though to the very neat and tidy way they are arranged just beneath the ice maker. Burn baby, burn!

34. Do you see what I see?

Yeah, this is a cool shot until you see just what he’s looking at.

35. Bert’s flying solo.

Bert’s looking a little angry and Ernie’s nowhere in sight. Maybe they had a spat, or maybe this is just Bert’s angry doppelgänger.

36. Well, don’t lose your head over it!

All we can say is wow, that food must be good!

37. Show us your good side.

These young girls were just trying to take a nice photo together. Who knew Fluffy was going to photobomb them by showing off his good side. Probably getting them back for all those vet visits and dinners of dry kibble.

38. Going to the theater.

Cool shot the way the water arcs – then you see it. Yep, going to the theater – cause she’s picking her seat.

39. Dinner is served.


This proud hunter is showing off his impressive rack, but he’s attracted the attention of someone else as well. You’re on this cat’s turf now, buddy, and he wants his fair share – or you just might end up being dessert. Step away from the elk.

40. She must be related to Gumby.

Not only is she a two-fisted telephone talker, she also appears to have some epic bendy skills as well.

41. Creepy photobomb.

Our little over achiever is all smiles now, but where will those smiles be when they look at this photo and see that ominous photo-bomber?

42. Someone has a lot of time on their hands.

It’s a little creepy when your food smiles at you, not sure how to feel about this.

43. The party is about to get real.

Hoped they locked all the doors and windows.

44. Introducing, the self-propelled hose.

At first, it’s just a regular garden hose. Look closer and you’ll see there’s a little more hiding in this story.

45. Zombie slayer?

This must be Bambi, Buffy’s equally fierce sister who’s a zombie slayer. Posing with her zombie trophy.

46. Are those babies hiding in her knees?

She probably shouldn’t wear short skirts, they might escape.

47. How’d he get up there?

And where is he going?

48. Don’t look under the bed!

All her childhood nightmares are about to come true.

49. Where. Is. The. Baby!

Nice day for a stroll. Looks like they forgot something, though. Either that or they have “special” friends.

50. I always feel like somebody’s watching me.

Such a pretty girl, sitting in her room, taking a picture, but she isn’t alone. You’ll get a cold chill down your spine when you see what’s hiding in the picture. Who is that? Better yet, WHAT is that? Pretty girl’s story may be about to take a very different turn.

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