Elite Special Forces: The Most Badass Images Ever Seen From Around the World

Elite special forces are some of the best-trained and most impressive military units a country can boast. They are equipped and specialized in military operations from quickly conducting rescue missions, scoping out threats, to secretly eliminating top terrorists and saving lives. Here are the 30+ of the baddest, most balls-to-the-wall special operators from all around the world. You are going to want to see them all, trust me. So much respect for them!

These really are the best of the best – the true definition of ‘badass’.

The United States Navy Seals

 Spanish GEO

Roc Taiwan Special Forces With Bullet Proof Face Masks

Kampfschwimmer Combat Simmers From Germany’s Elite Special Forces

Spains Special Operations Unit

Shayetet 13 Israeli Special Forces

Us Army Special Forces Sniper With Remington Modular Sniper Rifle

Serbian Gendarmerie

british SAS

Serbian Gendarmerie

Sayeret Matkal Of The Israel Defense Forces

Russias Spetsgruppa

Romanian Special Forces

 Tanzanian Special Forces In Congo

Polish Grom

Peruvian Army Special Forces

Pakistans SSG

MJK Norwegion

New Zealand Special Forces

Korean Special Forces

Italian Di iIntervento Group Special GIS

Israeli Shayetet

Irish Army Rangers

Indian Border Security Army Force

Huntsmen Corps Danish Special Forces

German Army Special Forces

French Special Forces

French Special Force Commandos

Danish Frogmen Corps

Chinese Army Cavalry Division

Canadian  Incident Response Unit – Nuclear Biological and Chemical Warfare Defense

Canadian Joint Force

British Special Boat Services

Black Cat Commandos India

Belgian Special Warfare Diving and Salvage

Bangladesh Swads Special Warfare Diving and Salvage

Austrian Special Forces Jagdkommando

Australian SASR Unit

Australian SASR Sniper

Albanian Special Operations Battalion

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