This is Why Kids Can’t Be Left Alone With Their Dads..Hilarious

Let’s face it, some dads are downright amazing. They’re loving nurturers who aren’t afraid to break from convention when it comes to taking care of junior. Sometimes, though, dad goes a bit too far.

Maybe he accidentally uses a permanent marker to draw that mustache on the baby, or a household appliance to automate a simple task in a manner reminiscent of Wiley E. Coyote. Whatever the gag, manovation, or dadvention– they’re awesome. Here’s 20 hilarious and adorable examples of dads doing the funniest things with their little ones.


Kiwi Head

Well, that’s a mighty big kiwi next to that regular sized kiwi. What a minute! That’s not a kiwi! That’s a baby. It’s a good thing we were able to spot the difference before someone broke out the pairing knife.

Biker Baby

We always told junior that hanging out with those biker baby gangs would only lead to trouble, and a drawn on mustache. Of course, he never listens. Our child development professionals tell us that he can’t understand sentences yet – and that’s a major part of the problem.

He Wears the Pants, Badly

Oh, dad. We have to give you high marks for getting the kid out for a good old fashioned bike ride. Next time, how about looking into a better fitting pair of pants, some underwear, a belt – and maybe don’t eat curry before taking your daughter for a ride.

Bubble Baby

Hang on, is that four of the founding fathers sharing the same bathtub? I thought those guys were rich. Wait, it’s another baby isn’t it? I can’t decide which I like most, ZZ Top at the bottom left or Elvis at the top right.

You’re Cut Off

Looks like they just lowered the minimum drinking age in Ireland, again!

The Little Prisoner

Please tell me this is not done as an alternative to hiring a babysitter. Maybe dad has got an especially wander crazy baby and just needed one minute free of trouble to take the trash out- or maybe he’s watching the super bowl.


A lot of parents put together a portfolio of baby glamor shots together hoping to have a superstar celebrity tot, but we think this vicariously ambitious daddy has gone slightly wrong in his approach. Despite this, we feel Vin Diesel has got some serious competition to contend with here.

This Ponytail is Under Arrest

Let’s face it, those evil little twisty rubber bands girls put in their hair are really tiny torture devices designed to appease some dark and ancient god. Well, this dad has found a painless, if somewhat permanent solution. I’m afraid the kid will have to be chemically restrained in order to extract the zip tie safely.

The Hairerrater

The way this dad thrusts the child’s face at the microwave tells me he’s done this a million times and the novelty is gone. It seems safe, though. I wonder if this isn’t the next evolution of the zip-tie dad’s hair tie technology.

The Daddy Disguise

I can’t quite decide whether the father of this baby is a Hollywood makeup artist and put a bald cap on his son, or if he just buzzed the hair off to simulate male pattern baldness. Either way, this little man is super dapper and cute. And those mustache curls just make the whole thing work somehow.

Swinger Dad

Okay, that’s great – but seriously, dad those chairs could collapse at any time. Maybe they live in a city apartment and don’t have a yard, or maybe the weather has them holed up in the house. Either way, despite being unreasonably dangerous, this is adorable!

Angry Baby

Alright, little baby, just calm down. I don’t know why this is on our list of dad/baby pranks. It’s just a very testosterone-rich baby with a very bad anger management problem. I would get this little monster in for treatment as soon as possible. Kids these days.

Oven Mitt Baby

“Listen, I’m a delicate man- and my baby loves warm things on his back. He gets a warm back, and I get protection from this hot plate. Yes, I know it’s cake, it’s still a bit warm though sheesh!” Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this.

Pancake the Tot

You know dad if you want to hide your baby’s demonic reptilian eyes from the camera, why not just pop a pair of sunglasses on the kid? What’s most concerning about this is the chance that a father this food-obsessed might break down and eat the child’s head. We’re dialing CPS.

Lil Pinhead

A lot of dads like to jam their baby’s faces into those shape taking pin beds, but judging by the emergent face in this one- we don’t think junior is digging it very much. We’ll give you some points for playfulness, and zero points for ignoring the kid’s pleas to not have his face jammed into a bed of pins.

Infant Mutant Samurai Baby (with no arms)

Oh, it’s the sad sad tale of the poor little baby who was genetically crossbred with a bowl of split pea soup and has no arms to boot. On the upside, baby arms made of split pea soup would probably just fall off right away anyway. We’re not going to place judgment on you, split pea soup baby having dad.

Git a Rope

If you’ve ever dealt with a toddler who was only happy whilst swinging, then you understand the plight of this father. What concerns us here is the fact that’s he’s operating this heavy baby entertaining equipment under the influence of nothing weaker than a Sierra Nevada stout. For shame, drunken daddy.

All Popped Out

Here we have a hard-put father who’s obviously been doing some heavy baby maintenance work tuckered out after a long day of baby labor – only to be Twitter-shamed by his spouse for dropping dead asleep. What’s worse, he’s right in harm’s way, should any monsters come out from under that bed.

Jacket Baby

Either this dad is failing to shoplift his own baby or we’re looking at one of the world’s strangest pairs of conjoined twins.

Label That Baby

Apparently, this dad has just made a purchase at Baby Warehouse, or he’s got serious visual recognition problems.

Food Pun

Yeah, okay, dad. Hilarious. Now get the hot dog bun out of your daughter’s hair before she starts attracting ants.

Down for the Count

Alright, so the dad fell asleep in the baby bouncer, but did that baby just draw a cartoon beard on him?

Game Dad

Fatherhood at its finest.

Young Again

Oh no, it’s the tragic tale of the corporate business manager who mysteriously transformed into a baby. Give it up, corporate business manager baby. The firm isn’t going to take you back.

Vader Baby

If the father of this baby is waiting to hear the classic Vader breathing noise, we’re calling the cops.

Melon Head

Sure, it’s cute now dad. But wait until that melon rind gets encrusted in her hair.

Kid Plunger

That. Is. Going. To. Bruise.

Condiment Face

Waste not, want not. I’ll bet you anything a teaspoon of ketchup went into this baby’s eye right after this shot was taken.


We don’t know how this photo got into the mix. This is actually a mentally handicapped man and a very very tiny woman. Somebody fire the intern!

Tower of Cereal

As a parent, if you manage to stack 21 cheerios on your sleeping baby’s face without checking to see if the baby is breathing- you’re a monster.

The Baby-Man

This is actually the same person twice. There was a mixup with a contraceptive and a time machine.

Space Girl

The mother was upset when she saw how dad packed their daughter’s bag. But the girl was happy. So what’s the problem?

Baby: Packed

Just following instructions, dear. That’s what you expect, isn’t it?!?


Easy Storage

Baby in a drawer? Fine. Is that dad wearing any pants?

Beer Abuse

A lot of people will call this bad parenting. But I call it beer abuse.

Look, No Hands

Some babies just won’t go to sleep if you don’t have two free hands to hold them. No harm done here.


Admit it. You’ve done this a time or two.

A Pack of Joy

“Oh, he doesn’t know what it is. Where’s your sense of humor?”


I don’t see a problem here. Just don’t let me catch him yanking a football from underneath that baby.

Basket Baby

That’s great, dad. But where is your shopping list?

Worst. Cake. Ever.

Nose cake. Booger icing. Nothing wrong with that!

Baby Towing Service

This is where I put my foot down. NO, DON’T PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN!


Oh, I suppose you’d prefer that he would have left the baby alone at home?


Say goodbye to toes

This will only end in tears.

Early education

Get those values lessons in as early as you can, that’s what I say.

They grow up so quickly

Hey, this is the most convincing baby beard I’ve seen yet!

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