15+ Most Ridiculous Things Superstars Demand at Their Concerts

Ridiculous Superstar Requests

We get it you’re a celebrity superstar. That means you basically can do whatever you want and nobody cares because you are rich and famous…right? I don’t know I am not famous, but if I were I definitely would make sure to request something outrageous! Thanks to thisisinsider.com we have a full list of what some of these celebrities requested before their concerts. Who do they think they are!

Can you believe Van Halen demands that all the brown M&Ms from the group’s candy bowl be removed? Or how about Queen B demands that her dressing room is kept at 78 degrees. Even crazier she asks for rose-scented candles in her dressing room as well as chicken legs “heavily seasoned” with cayenne pepper. After all, she is Beyonce. How about this diva (Kanye West) requests for a Coke and Hennessy slushy machine in his dressing room. Interesting, but not as interesting as some other requests from these stars.

Click here because you won’t want to miss what these 20 ridiculous things superstar musicians have demanded at their concerts. We seriously can believe Madonnas.

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