Most Haunted Place in Each of the 50 States – The Amityville House is Horrifying!

When growing up, we listened to ghost stories of one sort or another, most of which were just based on folklore and legend. However, what we are about to delve into here is no tale! These are 50 of the most haunted places in each of the 50 states and the paranormal activities in most of them have been recorded by paranormal investigators. From abandoned asylums to horrifying hotels, haunted funeral homes, theaters, houses, highways, and factories across the country, this list has enough to either get you completely creeped out or insanely fascinated. But are you sure you have the guts to stand the horrifying top 5?

50. Arkansas, Crescent Hotel

The Crescent Hotel is considered to be America’s most haunted hotel with 8 identified ghosts! Visitors have reported seeing a staff doctor who haunts the halls in his coat and tails, a nurse with hands coming out of a mirror and hearing screaming sounds.

49. California, Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery house was built by Sarah Winchester to house all the spirits that she believed were haunting her family. Visitors have reported seeing Mrs. Winchester in the house and on the grounds. People have also noted mysterious happenings such as turning doorknobs, footsteps and windows slamming by themselves!

48. Georgia, Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah

This cemetery is one of the most haunted places in the entire country. Visitors can hear people’s voices chatting and socializing. And as if that’s not enough, people have also reported being chased by ghostly dogs that growl and bark, seemingly nipping at their heels. A famous ghost by the name Gracie Watson is also occasionally seen running through the cemetery and heard crying!

47. Illinois, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Visitors to this cemetery have seen apparitions, orbs, phantom vehicles and even a terrifying phantom farmhouse that floats, shrinks, and vanishes! A mysterious black dog and figures of monk’s robes have also been seen.

46. Louisiana, The Myrtles Plantation

This plantation is one of America’s most haunted homes with individuals who were said to endure slavery here believed to be the haunters. Many visitors and employees report hearing the footsteps of the former owner who died on the stairs. Others have reported capturing ghost photographs of former slaves while around the plantation.

45. Florida, Fort East Martello Museum

This museum is one creepy place because of Robert the doll! Just a look at him gives you some chill down the spine. But that’s nothing yet. Some accounts have it that Robert moves himself around, changes his facial expressions, and camera’s malfunction in his presence. What?! That really creeps me out!

44. Delaware, The Deer Park Tavern

Doors at the Deer Park Tavern are said to open and close by themselves, furniture moves around without manipulation, and there is a general sense of un-ease that overwhelms people living here.

43. Idaho, Old Idaho State Penitentiary

Paranormal investigators and tourists to the prison have reported seeing full body apparitions, heard weird noises, and experienced unexplained grabbing. Others have left the prison weeping, mentioning that they experienced excessive sadness weighing down on them.

42. Kansas, The Sallie House

The owners of the Sallie House claimed to have suffered violent attacks and strange phenomena in the house back in the 1990s. Tony Pickman claimed to have dreamt of a girl pulling him out of bed and soon thereafter, he found child-sized fingerprints burned onto his wrist. Creepy indeed! Right?

41. Maryland,  Antietam Battlefield

The Antietam Battlefield was the bloodiest day in the American military history with over 22,000 deaths. Today, visitors report strange activity in the area including ghostly sounds of battle along the Bloody Lane.

40. Minnesota, Forepaugh’s Restaurant

This upscale restaurant’s staff and patrons have reported sighting spectral figures of former owner and businessman Joseph Forepaugh together with his mistress walking in the house.

39. Alabama, Sloss Furnaces

Visitors to this long-time pig factory have reported hearing screams, weird noises, apparitions and even sighting the wicked ghost of a former foreman of the factory.

38. Arizona, Bird Cage Theatre

There have been dozens of deaths in this theatre because of one type of brawl or another, making it a hotbed for the paranormal. Creepy music, shouts and bizarre laughter are often heard in the building. Spirits of prostitutes and cowboys are also seen and even sometimes felt!

37. Connecticut, Seaside Sanatorium

This mental asylum reported many abuse cases and an excessively high suicide rate, which could explain the peculiar voices and apparitions noted there.

36. Hawaii, Lolani Palace

This Hawaiian Royal Family museum has recorded sightings of various royal ghosts, with the most frequent ones being that of Queen Liliuokalani.

35. Indiana, French Lick Springs Hotel

Imagine being a front desk attendant at the French Lick Springs Hotel and getting several calls from empty rooms. Weird, right? Many in this hotel have reported hearing voices and footsteps often within the hotel.

34. Mississippi, Longfellow place

Guests have reported hearing strange noise emanating from the upstairs floor of the house. But what makes the haunting here even more interesting is that an angry spirit is said to have slapped one of the employees and pushed another!

33. Nevada, Mizpah Hotel

Creepy, creepy, creepy! The Lady in Red at Mizpah hotel is said to be the ghost of a prostitute who visited the hotel in the red light days before being murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Today she scouts the halls of the hotel, terrifying guests.

32. Iowa, Villisca Ax Murder House

With an unresolved case of 8 deaths,  which happened back in 1912, the Villisca Ax Murder House exhibits ghosts of children crying laughing, footsteps, talking and shouting.

31. Maine, Wood Island Lighthouse

The Wood Island Lighthouse exhibits moans, footsteps, and shadows with a human form often. It is also said that doors are known to open and close on their own.

30. Massachusetts, Bridgewater Triangle

Many mysteries involving this triangle revolve around the Hockomock Swamp which is known to serve as a common dumping ground for murder victims as well as a performance of black magic by cults.

29. Missouri, Savoy Hotel

This Kansas City hotel is known to spot several hauntings. Betsy Ward, who was killed in room 505 is known to haunt it often. Fred Lightner is said to haunt another room, and a young girl dressed in a Victorian-era dress has also been spotted on the 4th floor.

28. New Hampshire, Pine Hill Cemetery

Abel Blood is the most notorious ghost on this cemetery with reports that his gravestone inverts itself at night and that he also wonders the grounds often. Bizarre tapping sounds, floating orbs, and other supernatural anomalies have also been reported here.

27. New Jersey, Clinton Road

If you fear creepy stuff, don’t take the Clinton road, especially at night. There are stories of haunted happenings, KKK meetings, devil worshippers and a ghost boy haunting the road.

26. New York, The Amityville Horror House in Amityville

The Lutz family reported of experienced abnormal happenings within their home such as gunfire, unexplainable noises, bizarre liquid oozing from the walls, and unsettling music. An infamous photo of a small boy ghost was also taken by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

25. North Dakota, San Haven Sanatorium in San Haven

This terrifying abandoned building which was formerly a tuberculosis sanatorium is said to be haunted by those who died there. It has been compared to the sanatorium on American Horror Story.

24. Ohio, Moonville Tunnel in MacArthur

This abandoned tunnel is said to be haunted by an apparition of a brakeman who fell to his death in 1859. People have reported seeing his shadowy ghost haunting the tunnel.

23. Oklahoma, Old Santa Fe Depot in Guthrie

This old railway station is haunted by spirits mostly in the basement. Infrared cameras by paranormal investigators have shown strange apparitions as well as a swinging pendulum.

22. South Dakota, The Historic Bullock Hotel in Deadwood

This hotel experiences plenty of paranormal activity, especially in the basement. Cases of glasses flying off shelves, guests catching whiffs of a cigar, and Bullock’s image appearing in a mirror have been reported.

21. Tennessee, The Bell Witch Cave in Adams

The Bell Witch Cave is said to be occupied by the spirit of a witch that haunted and eventually murdered John Bell, the property’s owner.

20. Texas, U.S.S. Lexington in Corpus Cristi

With over 400 deaths on this WWII ship, you couldn’t expect less. Visitors have reported hearing chilling screamed from the engine room while others have spotted uniformed apparitions lingering on the ship.

19. Oregon, McMenamin’s White Eagle Saloon

This hotel is known to have some pretty hands-on haunting. Many individuals report feeling someone touch them, get shoved down the stairs, or some finding it physically impossible to get out of their beds.

18. Rhode Island, The Ladd School

Ladd School is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young boy who was strangled to death by a mentally ill patient. A team of researchers were once astounded when they visited where the murder happened and all their equipment stopped at the same time.

17.  Vermont, Emily’s Bridge

People passing on this bridge, where a girl named Emily hung herself, report hearing strange noises such as a rope tightening. Weirdly too, their vehicles emerge from the other side covered with scratches.

16. Virginia, Ferry Plantation House

This plantation house is home to 11 ghosts. Among them is a former slave, a lady in white, a painting ghost of artist Thomas Williamson and the victims of an 1810 shipwreck.

15. Wyoming, Occidental Hotel

This hotel is haunted by the ghost of a prostitute’s daughter who lived on the top floor. She is known to appear in a white long dress with flowing black hair and scare the hell out of guests.

14. North Carolina, Omni Grove Park Inn

This beautiful hotel is haunted by the most famous ghost in the state, the Pink Lady. Good thing is, she is said to be very friendly so you don’t have to be too worried when you spot her!

13. Pennsylvania, Gettysburg Battlefield

This is also another battlefield that is haunted by numerous ghosts with thin the nation. To date, visitors report hearing bizarre moans, noises, screams, gunfire, and cannons coming from restless ghosts.

12. Nebraska, Seven Sisters Road haunted

Commuters on this road have claimed to hear sounds of female screams as well as experiencing car break-downs out of nowhere. It is said that a man hung his seven daughters/sisters along this road.

11. West Virginia, Trans-Allegheny Asylum

This creepy abandoned building is one place that ghosts dominate intensely. Paranormal activities such as the sighting of ghosts of doctors and patients who died in the facility have been recorded.

10. Wisconsin, Nelsen’s Hall

Tom Nelsen’s ghost haunts this premises by making footsteps upstairs, changing the radio station, and even appearing in the women’s bathroom!

9. Washington, The Palace Hotel

This hotel is rife with spirits. Several different female apparitions have been sighted and many people have reported being touched out of nowhere or having their things moved around.

8. Kentucky, Waverly Hills Sanatorium

This building has housed over 63,000 deaths, with many of their spirits staying behind. Witnesses have reported unexplained apparitions, unexplained lights, shadowy forms and other unexplained phenomena. To call this sanatorium creepy is an understatement!

7. South Carolina, Old Charleston Jail

Haunted by ghosts of former inmates, visitors have recorded hearing disembodied voices, objects moving on their own and other paranormal activities in this jail.

6. Washington State, Point Defiance Park

While this park may look just ordinary to you, it is said to be haunted by 2 ghosts and exhibit plenty of bizarre happenings especially at night. Visitors have reported hearing a young girl riding her bike at night, experiencing cold drafts, hearing weird and terrifying noises, footsteps, sightings and more…

5. New Mexico, St. James Hotel

We are on to the top 5 terrifying haunted places and the St. James Hotel is one of them. The ghost here is far from friendly. He is so violent that room 18 in which he is said to have been murdered is kept under lock! If disturbed, he wreaks great havoc on the hotel for weeks.

4. Michigan, Traverse City State Hospital

Stories have been told of restless spirits and patients who never checked out of this hospital. Visitors have reported having oppressive feelings, hearing disembodied screams and voices echoing through the halls and lights turning on and off on their own. To make it even creepier, there is a portal to hell which can be found on the trails behind the building!

3. Montana, The Old Montana Territorial Prison

Imagine being choked by an unseen force! Crazy, right? Visitors to this old state prison have reported horrifying paranormal activity such as being choked by some unseen force, being pushed down corridors, being overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety and emerging from the prison with scratches all over their bodies. Very creepy indeed!

2. Colorado, Stanley Hotel

Guests in this hotel have reported their belongings being packed and unpacked, hearing sounds of children laughing weirdly, and the noises of what sounds like a party taking place in the ballroom when it’s completely empty.

1. Alaska, Kennecott Copper Mining Camp, Valdez-Cordova

This location makes it to the top spot because the ghosts here are so scary that even the developers constructing a railway line here have been convinced to leave the area alone. Visitors have reported seeing ghosts and hearing screams and moans in the area. In the 1990s, many workers quit construction here because they reported often hearing screaming and wailing voices in the location as well as even missing tools right from their tool belts.

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