The Most Outrageous Special Requests Hotel Guests Have Ever Made!

How often do you use the special request box while booking a hotel room? I bet if you do fill it out your requests are simple, such as extra blankets or pillows. It is almost guaranteed that you’re not requesting pictures of bacon or pillow forts. What if you spent all of your time in and out of hotels? We can imagine that traveling for work can get really old really fast and you need to do something to entertain yourself. Just a little something to brighten your day after a long flight.

Now you’re probably wondering what kind of insane requests some people make if there is an entire thread about it. Well, the wait is over. Thanks to Bored Panda we have some of the most outrageous requests. Everything from having a camel in your room to a dinosaur friend. Best of all… these hotels happily obliged! That’s right! It was their pleasure to fulfill their guest’s awesome requests. I doubt anyone was really complaining about it anyway, these are hilarious!

Check them out for yourself here.

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