Evolution of Beer in a Nutshell!

Ever wonder where that drink in your hand came from? I’m talking about the beer you’re holding right now. There’s a lot of history behind that ice cold beverage. It is actually speculated that the nomads were actually making beer before they ever learned how to make bread! Do you blame them?

However, beer wasn’t just there for consuming ­– It was used as currency and for trading in the medieval times. So in a way, did beer help shape modern day civilization? We would like to think so! Fast forward to the Renaissance and we find out that Queen Elizabeth I of England preferred strong ale for breakfast ­– as did many other figure heads. After that breweries became very popular and beer became a staple in everyone’s diets.

Here’s a fun fact for your next trivia night: There were approximately 2,300 breweries back in 1880 AD!


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