This Owner Took Working From Home To A New Level And Built An Innovative Barn Office

When most people think of working from home, they imagine setting up a computer and a phone in one of their house’s spare rooms. Such an office is easy to put in place and allows you to take advantage of household comforts during work. Thus the vast majority of professionals who work from home use something like this arrangement.

For one intrepid professional, however, a spare room in their house would not satisfy her work needs. Determined to cordon off a separate space devoted to business, she built an office in the most unlikely of places: a hayloft. Their project serves as a testament to all who hope to create a business-friendly environment.

Buying A Barn

The project began when this professional bought a new property, which came with a barn.

Surmising The Space

The first step in using the property was to examine its condition and previous improvements.

Comprehensive Cleaning

The new owner had to clean away debris, animal droppings, and other refuse that had accumulated.

A Spotless Space

After some hard work and elbow grease, the barn was clean enough to use.

Setting Up The Space

With the interior completely clean, she began setting up for a renovation.

Prudent Planning

At this point, the owner drew up comprehensive plans for how she would renovate the property.

Established Enhancements

The office would take advantage of all the building’s features, including a cupola that a previous owner added.

Strengthening The Stairs

The existing stair structure was weak, so she reinforced it for safety.

Reliable Reinforcements

The new structure would prevent the stairs from collapsing under the weight of heavy equipment.

Shoring Up The Siding

The exterior siding was weak, so she removed it, added sheathing and a wrap, and put it back on.

Window Work

To protect the new office from the area’s harsh weather, the owner added new windows.

Header Highlights

She took advantage of a header that already stood in the barn’s entrance.

Sheathing Stages

She attached the new sheathing in stages so that the snow would not disrupt the project.

Flashing Features

During this stage, she placed flashing over the rim board for extra protection.

Placing With Pulleys

To install the main window, she used a system of pulleys and ropes.

Finishing This Feature

With the wrap and sheathing in place, she put the siding back on in the opposite direction.

Bolstered Barn

At the end of this process, the barn was better prepared for the elements.

Tuning The Trim

She added trim to the windows for style and function.

Weathered Work

On the other side, the barn’s structure had been more severely affected by weathering.

Interior Investigation

Viewing the work from the inside allowed the owner to gauge how each feature would contribute to her intended look. Think you could tackle a project similar to this? If you want to try some DIY projects of your own you can now access over 16,000 woodworking plans. Ted’s Woodworking plans have step-by-step instructions, photos and diagrams to make every project laughably easy. Watch this video to gain full access. If not, no worries! Keep reading, because the final results are incredible!

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Repeated Reinforcement

Over the course of several days, the owner made similar changes to the more weathered side of the barn.

Metal Management

In order to reinforce the building’s cupola, the owner had to improve its metal flashing.

Precise Precuts

Every new feature of the roof had to be carefully precut before it was brought up.

Viable Vantage

With the reinforcements in place, the cupola would provide a stable vantage point.

Electric Enhancements

Instead of siphoning electricity from the house, she gave the barn a separate supply.

Secondary Supply

The electricians installed a second wire so that the owner would be able to build and power a second structure.

Powering Performance

The new power setup would allow this innovative professional to perform a range of business functions.

Savvy Separation

The owner built an extra wall to divide the aisle from the entrance.

Roofing Refinement

She had to refine the barn’s shingles in order to incorporate a soffit.

Intuitive Illumination

With the soffit complete, the entrance to the barn would have ideal lighting.

Salvaging The Side

The barn’s side had been seriously damaged by weathering, requiring comprehensive repairs.

Temporary Tear-downs 

To reinforce the sides, she had to take down large portions of the wall, leaving the building temporarily exposed.

Mature Materials

The materials she replaced the wall with, however, were clearly stronger and hardier.

Advanced Aluminum

The final soffits were made of aluminum.

Outside Overview

Before moving on to further interior improvements, the owner took a final look at the exterior, making sure everything was ready.

Wiring Work

The owner laid most of the wiring herself, though she relied on electricians for the electric panel.

Ladder Limitations

She compared the original ladder to the staircase, surmising which was better for reaching the loft.

Reliable Railings

She opted for the stairs, but added railings to make them safer.

Surmising Safety

The owner took care to view the stairs from every angle, making sure they were safe.

Bathroom Basics

The next step was to frame a space for the bathroom, an essential feature in any office.  Think you could tackle framing a new bathroom? If you want to try some DIY projects of your own you can now access over 16,000 woodworking plans. Ted’s Woodworking plans have step-by-step instructions, photos and diagrams to make every project laughably easy. Watch this video to gain full access. If not, no worries! Keep reading, because the final results are incredible!

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Verifying Ventilation

The owner included chutes to improve ventilation inside the barn.

In-Depth Insulation

To make an HVAC system viable, the owner had to painstakingly insulate the barn.

Foam Features

Foam insulation would provide an effective barrier against heat transfer that could be installed flexibly.

Observing The Overhang

At first, the insulation hung over the barn, which was unsightly.

Prudent Protection

As unsightly as it may have been, the insulation would provide valuable protection while enhancing energy efficiency.

A Look At The Laundry Room 

In addition to an office, the barn would also include a laundry room.

Vapor Verification

The owner added a vapor barrier to the top of the barn.

Foam Film

While making other improvements, the owner placed a film over the foam insulation to prevent it from being disrupted.

Drywall Diligence

The next step was to install drywall in the barn.

Working On The Wall

The owner ordered a large supply of drywall to give herself flexibility.

Disguised With Drywall

Once the drywall was in place, the foam was not visible and the barn looked completely different.

Professional Priming

Even at this point, the interior looked like a professional workspace.

Deft Doors

The owner obtained some old-fashioned doors, which she would salvage and restore.

Darkroom Dreams

The owner realized that she could use the room beneath these stairs as a photographic darkroom.

Storage Savvy

The owner added an extra door so that she could use the area behind for storage.

Motivated Mudding

She completed mudding quickly, making the room ready for further improvements.

Reviewing The Room

The owner took another look at the room, making sure everything else was ready for the next stage.

Styrofoam Supplement 

She realized that the floor had no insulation, so she added a layer of styrofoam underneath.

The Power Of Pine

Under the styrofoam, she put a layer of pine to preserve the interior aesthetic.

 Back To The Barn Look

Though the second floor looked like a professional workspace, the bottom one would keep its traditional barn appearance.

23. Chimney Construction

She added a chimney to the barn for safe, efficient heating.

22. Looking For Lights

The next step was to obtain lights to match the overall appearance.

Painting Prep

Before painting the walls, she laid down plastic to protect the floor.

Tile Tenacity

She installed tile flooring in the bathroom and main entryway.

Office Optimization

With the paint in place, the room now looked like a finished office.

Sustainable Skylight

The cupola now functioned as a skylight, saving energy on daytime lighting.

Luxurious Nightime Lighting

For evenings, she installed dim interior lighting to provide an elegant, luxurious air.

Furnishing A Fan

Ventilation was crucial in a room this big, so she added an overhead fan.

Cabinet Carpentry

To build cabinets, she enlisted the aid of her carpentry-savvy father.

Cabinets & Counter

The completed cabinets would highlight the concrete counter.

Concrete Countertops

She also made the countertops themselves, using concrete for both the kitchen and bathroom.

Sleek Stairs

For a cleaner aesthetic, she used MDF on the stairs.

Veritable Varithane

She weatherproofed the stairs with a few layers of Varithane.

Done With The Doors

By this point, she’d finished salvaging the recycled doors.

Restroom Review

The bathroom was also complete, providing a clean, comfortable space.

Diligent Decorations

She mounted guitars and added a carpet to accentuate the space.

Sublime Stove

She included a Waterford stove to add old-fashioned charm.

Artistic Additions

This piece of artwork doubled as an electric panel cover.

Darkroom Diligence

She then put the finishing touches on her darkroom.

Supplemental Shelves

This involved adding extra shelves to take advantage of the high ceiling.

Savvy Separation

The darkroom would be effectively separated from the rest of the office

Finished Features

The final office left nothing to be desired.

Last Look

Who wouldn’t want to work here?

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